Custom Jewelry

Owner Michael Abushakra has not only a passion but also a natural talent for creating beautiful, functional, completely custom pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. Bringing a piece of jewelry to life that previously only existed in a customer’s mind is one of the greatest joys of this business for Michael.

Ask around and you’ll quickly find that people have many different interpretations of what custom jewelry actually is. Many times, jewelers see this process as simply ordering pre-made individual parts and putting them together to make a piece. Others define a custom piece as utilizing a generic design and allowing the customer to decide on a stone or metal. At Brynn Elizabeth Jewelers, however, we see these options as simply being customized…not custom made. Our idea of custom jewelry is vastly different.

With every single custom piece of jewelry we have the opportunity to make, we absolutely insist on making all possible parts in-house and completely custom. The only way to ensure that your final piece is of the highest quality is to control the production process as much as possible right here in our store in Ocean Isle Beach. You can see the important role this process has in our business as soon as you walk through the door and catch a glimpse of our workroom. By fabricating and creating each piece individually, we are able to ensure that the end result is a true reflection of your dream design while also being made to the highest quality with integrity.

Our highly trained staff knows quality and we know how to correctly produce it. Mass-produced pieces and elements leave other jewelry retailers with zero control over the quality of the items they sell. Buying a custom made piece from highly skilled craftsmen, however, ensures longevity and durability of every single element. And in the event that something should happen to your custom piece of jewelry, repairs are always done free of charge for our creations. You can read more about our design and creation process by clicking here or you can contact us with any additional questions.