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About Brynn Elizabeth Jewelers

mikeMichael Abushakra is the son of a 1st generation immigrant from Jerusalem. He started his journey with jewelry in the retail section of the business offering pre-made pieces to his customers. After working in this capacity for some time, Michael had the vision to do more and the foresight to know that to continue in the business they would need additional, specialized training to be true professionals and not just sales people.

When Michael originally went to the Gemological Institute, where he received their highest level of jeweler certification, his intention was to go into sales. Along the way, however, he realized he had a passion for jewelry arts. Not only does he have a passion for appraisal and research, but he also loves the artistic expression found in metal work where he’s able to create artistic, one of a kind pieces. He enjoys his work behind the microscope for appraisals just as much as showing off his beautiful, custom jewelry pieces from behind the counter. 

It was during his first job in a trade shop, working for large national jewelry chains, that he realized the industry was filled with performance and sales goals instead of passion and care for people! Michael knew that the corporate jewelry business was not the avenue for him and he was fortunate to find some great mentors inside and outside the jewelry business that helped him discover how to be successful. These experiences and lessons all led him to where he is today, owner of Brynn Elizabeth Jewelers.

Michael is constantly pursuing continuing education in order to be as knowledgable as possible to help correctly guide people with every question and also to operate with a level of integrity that would not have been possible in a corporate jewelry environment. Self employment allows his intuition about people to guide his decisions without focusing on numbers and statistics. One of the most special and rewarding aspects of his craft is the opportunity to rework a family heirloom or take an antique gemstone and create the perfect custom piece by learning about that person. He takes pride in correctly interpreting a person’s desires and creating a piece of wearable art. There’s no greater reward for him than preserving the sentimental attachment to an antique piece and seeing the customers joy, often expressed through tears, when they come to pick up. Michael never takes these opportunities lightly and hopes to never lose appreciation for life and stories behind each piece of jewelry!

Michael Abushakra

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