In addition to our completely custom jewelry design and creation, Brynn Elizabeth Jewelers is glad to offer these additional services to our customers as well.


Appraisals: What you may not realize is that there is actually no governing agency to control who can and cannot be a jewelry appraiser. As such, there is no need for credentials of certifications of any kind. In light of this, you can imagine that many people in the industry write appraisals who do not have the correct process for evaluation or the expertise to properly evaluate jewelry. Michael Abushakra, however, stays current with the market, continues his education on the subject, and is a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, the largest, most reputable association dedicated to appraisal of jewelry. As a member, he proudly abides by their Code of Ethics to ensure that he is the best at what he is doing. Michael’s desire is to provide the most current and accurate information possible. Even the way he writes his appraisals is unique. On top of professional, accurate terminology and standards, Brynn Elizabeth Jewelers writes appraisals in a way that, in the unfortunate event there is a loss or dispute, the item can be replaced with exactly what was lost. His thorough appraisals include color grading of stones, accurate measurement of weights, the use internationally recognized terminology for the most accurate descriptions possible.



Repairs: The unfortunate truth about jewelry repairs is that most are poorly done and people have no idea because the work is typically microscopic. Without magnification owners often don’t see the flaws in repair mistakes or shortcuts…but they do pay the price later. One of the most common issues we see with repairs done elsewhere is platinum metal repairs done, instead, with white gold. This all too common practice actually contaminates the platinum metal, making it impossible to repair without first cutting out the section and replacing it with fresh, clean platinum which can be very expensive. At Brynn Elizabeth, we will always be honest with you about your repair and we guarantee that all repair services will be completed with integrity. Michael has been repairing for 15 years and there is very little they he can’t do when it comes to jewelry repair. His favorite thing is when a customer has been 4 or 5 places and they all agree that there’s no repair that can be done. He is a master at formulating creative, out of the box ways to achieve these difficult repairs, insuring that they are done RIGHT. Because of his continuing education and unique approach to repairs, he can often find the answer to why and how these difficult repairs actually can be done. With each of these projects he is able to expand his experience and his commitment to continued education helps him constantly tweak his processes as new information and techniques become available.