Our Process

Working with Brynn Elizabeth Jewelers is an experience like you’ve never had at a jewelry store before! We hope that we get the chance to meet and work with you soon. Here’s a little insight into our process and what you can expect.

On your first visit to Brynn Elizabeth it’s always helpful if you have some idea of what you’d like in your custom piece, but if not that’s no problem. Our staff will use various resources such as our showcase, modern catalogs, and professional internet resources to help you find aspects of other pieces that you like. Additionally, our staff is always attentive to your own fashion and lifestyle while getting to know you. These details are very important as we try to understand how we should create the piece of jewelry you’re searching for. Some people may be better suited for soft and delicate while others may require something more rugged and durable. Whatever your need and whatever your style it’s our desire to fully understand you and exactly what you are looking for.


Initial Design Sketch

Rendering in Process

Final Design Rendering


Our design room is where your unique creation will begin to come to life! The design of your custom piece begins with rough sketches of the ideas we’ve discussed just to make sure we’re all on the same page. This part of our thorough consultation helps us all to develop the idea for the piece and also a plan to make it happen! We’ll send these sketches and notes to our trusted computer designer who makes a computer rendering of the piece complete with the stones and metal color of your choosing so that you’ll have a good idea of what the item will look like before work even begins on the actual piece! Once we receive these renderings you can come in to review them or we can email them to you to look over on your own computer. After you’ve had time to review we’ll discuss any revisions or alterations to the design and make sure that we’ve got it exactly the way you want it! Once everyone is happy with the design your custom piece begins being produced in a number of different ways!

For some pieces, we’ll plug the files into our 3D printer and make the custom model for your actual casting. For others, we may hand carve the initial pieces out of wax to begin making the channels for your melted gold, silver, or platinum metal to be poured into. Once the casting is complete we’ll begin sanding and filing the piece to prepare it for it’s high shine final polish. Your pieces will be polished several times throughout the process ensuring that all nooks and crannies are well polished before setting any stones. Your piece will receive a final polish to a stunning mirror finish followed by any additions or texturing before a thorough final inspection.


Custom Piece in Progress

Custom Piece in Progress

Completed Custom Design


After your custom jewelry is delivered and you begin wearing it around town, we do like to see these pieces once a year to inspect and make sure they’re still in great condition. Any repairs to our custom jewelry are always done free of charge. If you have any additional questions about our process please feel free to contact us today!